Finding professionnal staff just the time of a stay whichever month and length is part of our missions. Bell Boy Services makes available competent staff when needed. Our experience answering the requests from parisian palaces’ concierge services allows us to display a high qualified list of staff used to adapt rapidly. They give the best competences from the first second of servicing.



Bodyguard men or women speaking only french to preserve your privacy or understanding well english - your security is a priority. Our bodyguards have all necessary accreditations. Bell Boy Services offers any adjustment to your demand according to the personnality to be protected whichever place and length of the mission.



Having by your side a fitness trainer to keep a daily practise, here is what Bell Boy Services offers. A sport routine is a life-style difficult not to accomplish. You can ask any specificity cardio-training, running, pilates… We understand your necessity.



Having an expert-guide or key-note lecturer is like having an insurrance for a better understanding a masterpiece, a place, a city. Especially when one is just passing by, when time is intense, Bell Boy Services hops in to present the most qualified guide. All our guides and lecturers are well-confirmed and speak differents languages. Don’t hesitate and call us.



A french teacher for the time of your stay in Paris is a chance, a window into french culture, a knowledge to be used as a tool to communicate better. This communicating professional can also be seen as a facilitator for complex administrative procedures. He or she helps to understand parisian habits and customs. Bell Boy Services presents French teachers but also Maths teachers or of any other subject one would need to discover or update.



There’s nothing better than one’s own private chauffeur that will get you without discussion, exactly where and when you want to go and will wait as long as necessary in total discretion. Bell Boy Services has a wide range of experienced chauffeurs.



A butler guarantees efficiency when he or she comes from Bell Boy Services. Free yourself from all constraints of managing staff not used to a new environment. The butlers presented by Bell Boy Services are discreet and competent in order to have your staff perform at best.



A musician for oneself, a musician that will interpret the scores exactly the way you like them, to your sensibility and hear almost as long as you wish. Bell Boy Services takes music lovers  up to the arpeggios of their fantasy.



A dog-sitter as a baby-sitter keeps your dogs the time you need to let you enjoy an activity where animals are not welcomed. You can go with peace of mind, Bell Boy Services takes care of your pet friends with all the caring possible. If the mission consists in taking them out to stroll around or to be groomed or simply to look after them, our team takes over.


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