Mobility or transportation is made of luxuary when all logistics aspects are taken in charge of by Bell Boy Services. Our operators drive clients from their plane seat to the hotel where they stay and back. Travellers should not worry about a thing to stay focus on their own matter. We send luggages separately and cars are on truck decks from Paris to the French Riviera. Thanks to our caring staff, no document stays forgotten for long because no source of bother should alter the peace of our client’s stay.



Looking for a particular car to rent, a pink Ford Mustang or the Dawn Rolls-Royce cabriolet ? Which vehicule could enhance your stay ? Bell Boy Services answers your request. No need to negociate or deal with rentals contractors. Our team comes in to bring your car, contract in pocket and keys in your hand !



Bell Boy Services provides all logistics necessary for your package delivery, any size any place. Limitate operators between senders and receivers. Our knowledge of routes for delivery is to be trusted because we test it regularly.



Arrivals and departures, as waves go back and forth is a choregraphy better in Bell Boy Services’ hands. Our team is used to managing, checking, registration forms, controls in order to avoid any form of waiting. Our client can sip a tea calmly while our agents take everything in charge.



Baggage handlers are the security wheelwork of your transportation. From the cargo compartment of the aircraft to the residence of your stay, trustworthy, these men and sometimes women, carry even what you may wear.



Our private chauffeurs always find the best route to take you to a dream destination or simply to the airport or to your hotel. They stay at your disposition for any other transportation, just call Bell Boy Services.



Transferts between airports and or railways are often a bore if not a stress. Bell Boy Services manages the whole of this moving in time called transfert and all worry goes away. Forget this time lapse, we do the rest.



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