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French way of life is transmitted throughout generations, often in the kitchen, sometimes in the workshop at the rear of cities courtyards. It’s a tradition evolving as time goes by, without noise but making the density and richness of a country. Bell Boy Services strolls trough the streets, discover talented craftsmen working the old way. We go in the countryside visit farmers to bring you back their products tasting their land so typical. French way of life is a broad range of tastes and colors, a natural elegance seeking excellency.



France’s countryside and regions are definitely worth a visit. Each one its turn,  Bell Boy Services organises tours according to the time given. Normandy is only one step from Paris and there is so much to see. Auvers-sur-Oise, Giverny, Barbizon discovered by the Impressionists thanks to the young railways wait just behind... These places full of charm are part of an imaginary map seen so many times in the paintings and history books we grew up with. Let yourself be tempted, our regions are not shy.



To taste products from our countrysides, no need to make long search, Bell Boy Services has already done it for you. You can sit back and savour these meals balanced with a good wine and some fresh bread reflecting the sun on the soils where it comes from.



Is shopping a way of life ? If anyone has the faintest doubt about that, just have a look at  each unique piece realised by our designers. Untrust the eye of our connaisseurs, Bell Boy Services can bring you either pieces of furniture, objects and/or clothes creating the fame of France. Know-how and genuine materials are extensions of the hands of our crafstmen.



Conceptual restaurants, traditionnal inns, cabarets or guinguettes, where your appetite shall take you ? We tend to eat as we dress up, almost as we see our inner-self… Choosing a restaurant can be tricky in front of so many choices. Bell Boy Services eases your appetite and follows your curiosity to find the most accurate place.



What is a cultural evening if not the pleasure of discover a city by night? Its monuments and its reflections, its master-pieces and those who love it. Bell Boy Services brings you to the adventures around the night. Get off the beaten tracks and the crazy hours, let us guide you.



French pâtissiers display ingenuity and discipline to stimulate tastes. French pastries are definitely the pleasure treasure of  greedies but only a few patisserie are for real  gourmets… Ask Bell Boy Services,  we shall present a rare selection of your choice from what Paris has best to offer.



Paris Tour, visit the city of all lights, when only a few hours in the morning let the visitors sleep. Bell Boy Services takes you by the hand to show you Paris delights. The best tours of Paris are here, don’t miss them. Some holiday breaks are so short, the city so vast, you could loose yourself. Bell Boy Services presents its best tours of Paris !


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