Events are a good way to make the ones you cherish happy.  Bell Boy Services goal is to satisfy every desire of its clients. Some events are of course more special than others but even smaller ones deserves all our dedication. In a private environment or for professional sphere, our teams pay the greatest attention to each single details. We put all our energy to find what you look for. Sometimes, some special event we organised, remains in our memories exactly as the client’s – fantastic !  Trust us, Bell Boy Services engages its own professionality.




The happiest part in Birthdays’ parties hides in the joy caused by the surprise in itself.  Bell Boy Services takes care of everything in a very discreet way. Share the joy with the one you love with a serene mind. Our services organise the birthday party of which your spoiled one dreams of.



To decorate a suite, a room or even an complete appartment, just call us. You’ll find according to the occasion or the theme chosen, particular furnitures, a ceiling hidden by red balloons with handing white ribbons, petals of red roses tossed on the bed, fresh fruits baskets on the table or a selection of pastries and gathering of flowers. Just select the theme and call us !



Your wedding proposal deserves the most beautifull script. Choose the treasure casket, we’ll have it privatised, illuminated, just the way you want it. We even find the musician of your heartbeat. Whichever setting where you want to express your feelings, Bell Boy Services makes it perfect. Your wedding proposal should be forever engraved in your chosen heart.



Two is never enough to organise a wedding. Bell Boy Services puts all its heart and its assistants at your service to organise the perfect wedding. Bridegrooms rarely really enjoy their own wedding due to all the details to care after. Why not delegate ? We organise your wedding according to your specifications or according to a pre-determined selection. Choose and we make it happen !



We prepare all kinds of seminars and conferences. Find everything ready at your arrival or for your guests. We distribute badges and all folders, check screens and verify sonorisation, offer papers and pens, water bottles, deliver bags with tributes and lead all to the following buffet… Send us your specification. We’ll realise it and have a pro-active care of it !



Like carnival, according to the theme, one can be whoever he likes. Bell Boy Services takes in charge the rest of the night. We find all the sets plus the rest. We realise what you have in mind. Don’t hesitate, everything is possible !



With Bell Boy Services, New Year’s Eve party  is crazy! For the last party of the year, entrust us. We organise your party. We find the right show or the perfect dj’s for your guests. But when it’s Chrismas Tree time, we can create that magical spirit the children want to find. We have the staff ready for your event and we know how to organise what you’ve conceived.. Nothing is impossible is definitely our moto !



All our animations are realised by experimented professionals responding to the criteria you formulate. Cook, musician, magician, clown, dancer, cartoonist, ice-sculptor, we find all kinds of artists in a long list. From horse riding in a forest to a picnic in the park, we deliver the best performance of its category to satisfy your demand.



Organising cocktails is the core of our event experience. Optimization of the site, selection of the catering and its products, high-level staff.. You can trust us, your cocktail will give the lasting impression you want to give.


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