If only life was like a movie, jumping from activities to discoveries with no dull time, tickets always in hand.

The sole idea of queueing up, standing hours long, having got up earlier than the sun makes the whole pleasure melts like snow in the sun.

Bell Boy Services takes in charge and organises all your events and excursions starting from finding the best tickets.

Trust the pro and let them deal with fastidious waiting lines.



Bell Boy Services’ box office makes all reservations due to let you enjoy your spare time. Don’t wait anymore, our no-queue passes let you in directely. Welcome in the monument you wish to visit now !



When it seems impossible for the average citizens to obtain that magical ticket, Bell Boy Services takes action to answer your wish. According to the popularity of artists, ahead of any kind of pre-reservations,  be sure our team keeps apart a few golden tickets.




The fame of some museum seems to narrow their entrance. Bell Boy Services helps you avoid the crowd and all waiting lines thanks to its well organised ticketing-office. Using its services allows you to discover in the best way the essentials of our culture’s master-pieces.



A real sport’s event is an encounter entering History before the game is even being played. It would be such a pity to miss it just for a matter of seat. Bell Boy Services is here for you. Our only mission is to  make everything possible to let you be where you must be.



Art exhibitions belong of the season must-go event for a good majority of people, but only at the condition to really enjoy it in the best way. Reservations are a must with no doubt as well as a lecturer. Don’t spoil your pleasure. Trust our ticketing office with the Exhibition option. We’ll make your time worth it.



The quality of some shows goes with the artists playing as well as the theater where they play and the precise seat where one is settled to enjoy it. Bell boy Services, from its experience, keeps at your disposition these fabulous tickets.



Our VIP access really holds its name. It’s the reason why it is never part of listing guide. Wherever, historical or cultural monument, airport, an assistant comes to help you in many ways. Showing you around the place, activities, free you from all constraints or waiting lines. Bell Boy Services takes you in perfect charge.



Trade shows and professional fairs, whether for business or curiosity, often are synonymous with walking hours long and staying focused no matter wich noise is around. Why adding up waiting queues when you can include a VIP pass. Leave our team deal with amenities and keep your energy for your goals.


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